2016 Teen Committee

Introducing Your 2016 TWC Teen Committee!

These awesome teens have attended TWC at least twice and, of course, love writing. They’re helping the adult board plan this year’s conference. Watch the blog for great posts from the teen committee.

And on the big day in June, they’ll be ready to help out and answer any questions.

Get to know a little about them below!

EllieHello! I’m Ellie. I am sixteen. I burn microwave popcorn no matter what. I love nature, music, and all things that seem to be edged with magic and adventure. I love to write fantasy and realistic fiction. I read whatever I can get my hands on, and I am very fond of many of the writings of the authors that teach at the TWC. I am very excited to attend the conference again and to be a part of the committee.

GenetHello!! My name is Genet. It is pronounced Janae. I love fantasy and science fiction both reading and writing it. By conference day, I’ll be 18. I am so excited to work with the Teen Committee and the Board! I have learned so much from the Teen Writers Conference and look forward to contributing to it this year.

BrandiBonjour! I’m Brandi. I am 15 going 16 (before the conference!). I love music and challenging things. I love to read, write, and draw. I have almost read all of the books in my public library. I am very excited to get together with a lot of fabulous people. I am obsessed with books and Pentatonix. I am weird….

RiahHey, guys! I’m Riah! I’m 16 last August, and pining for summer. (Where did my summer go? You’d think if you spent your summer reading books upon piles of books that it would last forever…) Like all of you, I’m enthusiastic about reading and writing, but am also as enthusiastic towards music and art. I’ve recently been into makeup which includes the use of prosthetics, latex, silicone, and body paint–you know, your basic movie makeup. I’m constantly reading fan fiction, when I’m not eating or putting my time into my other interests. Like trying to figure out how I got so jumpy. I’m excited to work with you guys! Love ya!


Salutations! My full name is Katarina, but I tend to introduce myself with my nickname Kate. I’m turning sixteen in April, and I’m so excited for this year’s conference! I love leather journals, sharp pencils, swimming, t-shirts that express my love of reading, volunteering at the local library, and public speaking. I suffer from chronic migraines (boo!), so you’ll see me on conference day wearing my signature hat-and-sunglasses combination. I can’t wait to meet you on June 18th!


Hello, I am Mikayla! I am 16 years old, and a fangirl to the core. Sherlock, Doctor Who, Harry Potter…the list goes on and on! I love writing dystopian and fantasy stories that pull you right into the world, but my absolute favorite is writing fan fiction! Sherlock is my forté, and if you ask any of my friends, they will attest to the power I have to crush your soul and break your heart with my fan fics. I guess that explains why their nickname for me is Regina. I am absolutely thrilled to be a part of this committee, and cannot wait to work with so many fabulous teens and writers!


My name is Sage, though some call me Future Madam President. I live in southeastern Idaho with my mom, my grandpa, and two morbidly obese pugs. I’m sixteen, and I’ve been writing since I was around ten. The first thing I ever wrote was Twilight fan fiction, a true work of art, but now I’ve moved on to my own original worlds.

As of November, I’ve been published five times, not including in my school newspaper.


Kylee Ward is a 17-year-old, fun-loving teenager who completely ADORES The Teen Writers Conference! Some of her many titles include major lover of literature, cowgirl, ballroom dancer, writer, quote addict, oldest of eight children and cosmetologist! She loves music and usually isn’t afraid to embarrass her friends (yes, there are many incidents of random song and dance, usually in aisles of grocery stores). Also, she’s apparently the only committee member who writes bios in third person. 😉