Things to Know the Week of the Conference

by Ellie Robison, teen committee member

Door Ajar - Morgue File

Come on in!

The week of the conference is always full of anticipation and anxiety. But if you follow these tips, you’ll be able to have the perfect Saturday.

  1. Know where the conference is. This year it’s at the Weber County Library Southwest Branch. The address is located on the website, and if you know where you’re going beforehand you won’t stress Saturday morning.
  2. Plan your class schedule! The schedule is also located on the website, and you can pick classes that will fit your needs. Even though the classes may change, it’s nice to know where you’ll be headed. And then you can research the authors and maybe even read their books. Because they’re all amazing.
  3. Come with a question. If you know what you want to learn, you can find answers. Most of the teachers leave time for questions and are eager to help you grow as a writer. And they’re all incredibly kind, which allows for a safe learning environment.
  4. Pencils, and pens, and everything lovely. I typically bring pencils, pens, an extra notebook, tissues, ibuprofen/Tylenol, and gum or mints. We will provide you with a pen, pencil, and notebook; but it’s always nice to have extra. Medicine for headaches and gum is always good because sometimes all the new knowledge can explode your head. Your mind will probably be blown—at least twenty times.
  5. Know what you write. People will ask you about your genre, story, and everything else. It’s best if you have a good summary of your story and can answer basic questions. If you’re not currently working on something, it’s okay to say you’re in-between projects.
  6. Get happy!!! You’re about to have an incredible time. Talk to authors, fellow teens, and the committee. We’re so excited to see you and we’re there to answer as many questions as you have. Get pumped and we’ll see you soon!

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