Win a 7th Generation Kindle AND a Leather Case!

Kindle Contest Meme

We’re in the final countdown, folks! The conference is only a little over a week away! (Our countdown in the sidebar counts DAYS now. Woohoo!)

We want to be sure no one who wants to be there will miss out on the awesomeness that is The Teen Writers Conference.

Plus, we want to say thanks to those teens who continue to come back, year after year.


We’ll have 3 winners:

The GRAND PRIZE winner gets a 7th Generation Kindle with a leather cover. (I KNOW!!!)

Two more winners will receive $20 vouchers to be spent AT the TWC bookstore on the day of the conference. Spend it on a TWC shirt, maybe, but definitely on books by our presenters (be sure to get them signed!). 


If you are already registered for this year’s conference, you AUTOMATICALLY get entered without lifting another finger.

If you’re not yet registered, GET registered, and BOOM, you’re entered for a chance to win. (Registration is super easy HERE or at the link on the top menu.)



NOTE: ONLY registered attendees are allowed to win. Already registered? Here are ways to get BONUS entries for a greater chance of winning one of the prizes! 

(1) Follow TWC on Instagram.

(2) LIKE this contest post on Instagram. (See the image of the Kindle in the sidebar? The same one you see at the top of this post? Click it!)

(3) TAG your Instagram friends on the contest Instagram post. There’s NO LIMIT to this way of entering! Each time you leave with friends tagged gets you another entry!

(4) REFER a friend or BE referred! You’ll note a new field in the registration form asking if you were referred by a friend. If so, simply add your friend’s name, and you BOTH get an additional entry.

If you are already registered referred, and you referred someone or were referred before, send us a note to let us know who you referred or were referred by. Just email: annette (at)  annettelyon (dot) com.

We’ll we’ll be sure you’re credited with any additional entries!

It’s EASY and FUN. (You KNOW you want to win!)


  • Spread the word about registration! We don’t have much time left!

  • GET registered.

  • Get your friends to register!

  • Follow us on Instagram

  • Like THIS post.

  • In the comments of that post, TAG your friend! (And another and another and another . . . as many as you want!)



Will be drawn randomly from all entries and announced at the conference: the $20 voucher winners as well as the grand prize winner of the Kindle with its snazzy leather cover!

Remember, you must be an attendee to win. 

Questions? Leave them in the comments.

Happy entering, and good luck! 



VERY exciting news in TWC land! 

Because the first-pages contest deadline fell on Memorial Day (and there had been some confusion about the dates, and because several attendees planning to enter didn’t realize they’d missed the deadline!):

The TWC Board has pulled out whatever magic wands they have and managed to sneak it a little more time for contest entries to still come in!

(Cue much rejoicing!)



  • If you meant to enter the first-page contest and totally forgot to, now’s your chance. 
  • If you want to get professional judges’ feedback on something YOU wrote, now’s your chance. 
  • If you want to see your own writing printed in a packet for your peers to read, this is your chance to be published!
  • If you want to win CASH prizes (!!!), now is your chance. 



  • Only attendees to the 2016 conference are eligible to enter.
  • Only one entry per attendee.
  • Entries must be the FIRST page of an original novel or short story.
  • Entries must be double spaced, Times New Roman, 12-point font.
  • Your entry must be a Word document (.doc or .docx), Rich Text document (.rtf), or PDF.
  • Your name should appear in the upper left corner.
  • Entries should be titled.
  • Entries must be fiction. No nonfiction/essays or poetry.
  • If your entry is deemed to have content not suitable for attendees, it will not be printed for distribution. You will be made aware of this in advance of the contest. Your entry will still be judged.
  • The topic: Whatever you want! Send in something you’ve already written, a piece you’re currently working on, or an entry written specifically for this contest.
  • TWC contest entries from prior years are not eligible.
  • Entries must be received by Monday, May 30th, 2016 NEW DEADLINE: Friday, June 3, at midnight, MDT.



PAY CLOSE ATTENTION to the nitty-gritty requirements. Points are awarded for the formatting details, and these contests are usually very close in final scores. Forgetting to double-space your entry can mean the difference between winning an award and just missing it by a hair.

MAKE SURE THE WORK IS ENTIRELY YOUR OWN. Plagiarized pieces are automatically disqualified, and it’s just a very, very bad thing. Be proud of your own stuff! Nobody else writes the way you do, and we want to hear what you have to say.

OFFICIALLY REGISTER FOR THE CONFERENCE BEFORE ENTERING to make sure your entry is evaluated by the judges. Only registered attendees are allowed to enter the contest.
IF YOU’VE ALREADY SUBMITTED AN ENTRY and want to replace it with another piece or an updated version, you can do that (it’s only fair to give everyone the extension!). Just be sure it the replacement entry arrives by the deadline. And for the sake of record keeping and sanity saving, please indicate in the body of the email that it’s a replacement piece. (Remember that each attendee gets just ONE entry.)



Attach your complete and properly formatted page to an email and send it to this address: AS AN ATTACHMENT.

Do NOT paste your entry into the body of the email. That will mess up your formatting and cost you points.



Our Newsletter Has a Title!

The Teen Writers Conference newsletter needed a title, so we put out the word, asking for suggestions.

We received many submissions, then whittled them down to a small set to vote on, and in the end, the TWC Board made their decision.

And THAT means we have both a newsletter title AND a $25 prize to give to the person to suggested it.

We’ll be sending out an edition of the newsletter soon, so watch your inbox Continue reading


We are thrilled to formally announce that our keynote speaker for the 2016 conference is New York Times bestselling author Jennifer A. Nielsen!

Jennifer Nielsen

Jennifer is best known for her Ascendance trilogy (The False PrinceMark of the Thief, and A Night Divided).

She’s also the author of The Underworld Chronicles, a series the begins with Elliot and the Goblin War.

Jennifer is not only a great writer but also one of the most down-to-earth people and a great speaker.

You won’t want to miss hearing from her!

To learn more about Jennifer A. Nielsen, visit her website.

Welcome to Our Blog!

With our 8th annual conference coming up (check out the countdown box in the sidebar!), we’re rolling out some exciting additions, and this blog is one of them.

Stack of Books for Ad

Right here, you’ll find craft lessons, industry advice, inspiration, and more from our board members, teen committee members, and even the occasional guest author.

We’ll keep you current on things like registration dates and contest deadlines, but most importantly, this is a place to help keep your creative fires burning between conferences.

You won’t want to miss a single post!

Keep your fingers on the keyboard!

-The TWC Board